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  • Honeywell-DKG_972_MOD.10_110_120V-image.jpg
    Honeywell DKG 972 mod.10 TECHNICAL DATA:

  • thumbnail.png
    Honeywell MMI 813.1 mod.23 TECHNICAL DATA:

  • 8215.png
    Honeywell TMG 740-3 mod.45-35 TECHNICAL DATA: Honeywell TMG 740-3 mod.45-35

  • DLG.png
    Honeywell DLG 976-N mod.01 TECHNICAL DATA:

  • TFI812.jpg
    Honeywell TFI 812.2 mod.10TECHNICAL DATA:Supply voltage 220 / 240 V (-15... +10%)50 Hz (40 - 60 Hz)Fuse rating 10 A rapid or 6 A slowPower consumption 5 VAMax. current peroutput te...

  • Honeywell R4343E 1014.png
    Honeywell R4343D 1017 TECHNICAL DATA: Honeywell R4343D 1017

  • Honeywell R4343E 1014.png
    Honeywell R4343E 1014 TECHNICAL DATA: Honeywell R4343E 1014

  • Honeywell LKS 210-10.png
    Honeywell LKS 210-10 TECHNICAL DATA: VOLTS 200~240 50/60 Hz 70%ED t: 5 s/90 Grad M: 1,5Nm Made in Hungary by Honeywell Honeywell LKS 210-10

  • RA890G.jpg
    Honeywell RA890F1304 TECHNICAL DATA: Burner Controller:Honeywell RA890F 1304Type:RA890F 1304FSG Protectorelay220V 50/60HzS.S. Timing 15 SECFlame Response 8 SECSPDT Alarm ContactsAs...

  • RA890G.jpg
    Honeywell RA890G1286 TECHNICAL DATA:

  • RM7800.jpg
    Honeywell EC7823A 1004 FEATURES:

  • RM7800.jpg
    Honeywell RM7840L 1018 TECHNICAL DATA:

  • Honeywell C6097A2110.jpg
    Honeywell C6097A2110,2210,2310,2410 GAS VALVES SPECIFICATIONS:

  • C7012.jpg
    Honeywell C7012A 1194 TECHNICAL DATA:

  • 0004924_honeywell-l404f-1227.jpeg
    Honeywell L404F1102,1194,1441,1078 TECHNICAL DATA:

  • Honeywell M9184 Modutrol IV Motor.jpg
    Honeywell M9184 Modutrol IV MotorTECHNICAL DATA:

  • M6284.jpg
    Honeywell M7284 Modutrol IV Motor TECHNICAL DATA:

  • Honeywell M9184 Modutrol IV Motor.jpg
    Honeywell M6284FModutrol IV Motor TECHNICAL DATA:

  • EZTrendGR.jpg
    Honeywell Eztrend GR SpecificationsModular, expandable and field upgradable design3, 6, 9 or 12 input channelsmV, V, mA, Thermocouple, RTD, ohms & SQRT extraction inputsCFR21 ...

  • Honeywell-DC1000-Digital-Controllers.jpg
    Honeywell DC1010,1020,1030,1040Features and BenefitsFor:Dryers.Semiconductor packaging /testing.Plastic processing.Packaging machinery.Painting and coating.Climatic chambers.Type :...

  • 51A4eSxlkOL._SX342_.jpg
    Honeywell UDC2500Overview1 Universal Input + 1 high level input0.25% AccuracyFast scanning rate (166ms)Up to 5 Analog or Digital Output Types2 Digital Inputs (optional)Ethernet and...

  • UDC3200_500.jpg
    Honeywell UDC3200Overview1/4 DIN2 universal analog inputs0.20% accuracy166ms scanning rateUp to 5 output types2 digital inputs (optional)Math functions (optional)Ethernet and Modbu...

  • honeywell-honeywell-dr4300-chart-recorder-15947.jpg
    Honeywell DR4300SpecificationsAccuracy ±0.35% or ±0.1% Span (by Model)Up to 2 InputsFully User Configurable, No Jumpers or Rotary SwitchesUniversal Power SupplyOutput Types: SPDT, ...

  • Honeywell-DR4500-360.jpg
    Honeywell DR4500SpecificationsAccuracy to ±0.15% SpanUp to 2 InputsFully User ConfigurableOne or Two Control Loops: Full PID Control, Full Range of OutputsTotalization and Setpoint...

  • honeywell-limit-switches-250x250.jpg
    ท่านสามารถแจ้งพาร์ทนัมเบอร์สินค้า มาทางช่อทางไลน์ @aux-control ทางทีมงานจะเเจ้งราคาสินค้าให้ท่านทราบ

  • 20180622_142051.jpg
    B&WGas Alert QuattroLEL, O2, H2S, CO อุปกรณ์วันค่าแก๊ส วัดค่าแก๊ส by Honeywell

  • dsvdsv.png
    SPM Flex Chemcassette Fixed Gas Detector Monitors SPM Flex Chemcassette® Tape-Based and Portable Gas Detector Consumables - 1265-4000 - SPM Flex CC-S XP Hydrides- 1265-4001 - SPM F...

  • dsvdsvffff.png
    Fixed Gas Detector Monitors The Honeywell Analytics XNX Universal Transmitter is an extremely flexible transmitter that can be configured to accept an input from any of the Honeywe...

  • bw_gas_alert_extreme__69193.1431341187.1280.1280.jpg
    BW GAS ALERT EXTREME The BW Gas Alert Extreme is designed with durability and comfort in mind, this gas detector monitors for any single gas hazard within its wide range of availab...

  • C7035A.jpg
    Honeywell C7035A C7035A, C7044A, C7927AFeaturesUse with Honeywell Flame Safeguard primary safety controls and burners requiring ultraviolet flame detection.Mounts on a 1 in. sighti...

  • thumbnail.png
    S87B1008 Burner ControlFeaturesControl ignition sequence and gas control operation.Generate high voltage potential for main burner ignition.Lockout after one trial for ignition if ...

  • download.jpg
    Valve Actuators ML6984, ML7984 Features • Self-contained, motorized valve linkage • NEMA 3R cover for outdoor installation • Linkage self-adjusts to valve stroke from 13 mm (1/2”) ...

  • t-500x500.jpg
    Digital Thermostat, HVAC Features • Super modern appearance design, suitable for office, hotel and residential building • Horizontal and vertical model available for variant appli...

  • ดาวน์โหลด.jpg
    Digital Humidity Temp Wall Mount H7090B4263/H7090B4263 / H7090B4262 Features • Enhanced accuracy:- ±4 %RH (10 %RH to 90 %RH at 25 °C),±5 %RH (10 %RH to 90 %RH at 5 °C to 50 °C)- En...

  • 41EhELuYzDL._SX425_.jpg
    Carbon Dioxide Sensor CO2 C7232A,B/C7232A1016/C7232B1006 FEATURES • Used for CO2 based ventilation control. • Models available with LCD that provides sensorreadings and status info...

  • wwdwdwdwdwd.jpg
    Industrial Pressure Sensors จำหน่ายIndustrial Pressure Sensors By Honeywell - PX3AN2BH150PSAAX- PX3AN2BS050PAAAX- PX3AN2BS150PSAAX- PX3AN2BH150PAAAX- PX3AN2BH100PSAAX- PX3AN1BH100...

  • 3032dad2e57194191c1f13d1b071d308.jpg
    ZPFL1 EZ Sense Flammable Gas Detector

  • h7625b2006-3.jpg
    Humidity Transmitter Integral Duct Probe Temperature Sensor Humidity / Temperature Sensors H7625, H7635, H7655 Series 2000 FEATURES• Ceramic Technology overcomes the limitations of...

  • 1_83cacaae-2d2e-4df8-98df-c7b578bd9326_large.png
    E3 Point E3SCO CO carbon monoxide sensor

  • wfefef.png
    Honeywell VALVE VBA216-F

  • Thumbnail.jpg

  • S__151388174.jpg
    จำหน่าย VS820A 2011VS820A2011

  • S__151388175.jpg
    จำหน่ายHoneywell VR8205M2948

  • S__151388176.jpg
    จำหน่าย Flow switchWFS-1001-H

  • S__151388177.jpg
    จำหน่ายHoneywell R4343E1014

  • S__151388178.jpg
    จำหน่าย HoneywellVE4025B1003

  • S__151388179.jpg
    Honeywell VE4015C1003

  • S__151388180.jpg
    Honeywell VE4015A1005ติดต่อ LINE : @aux-control

  • S__151388181.jpg
    จำหน่ายHINEYWELL VE4010A1006

  • S__151388182.jpg
    VE4015B1004 ขายครับ สนใจติดต่อทางไลน์

  • S__151388183.jpg
    Honeywell VE4025A1004

  • S__151388188.jpg
    Honeywell V4046C1088

  • S__151388189.jpg
    จำหน่ายHoneywell V4055A1114

  • S__151388190.jpg
    จำหน่าย HoneywellRP7517A1009 Pressure Transducers

  • S__151388191.jpg
    Direct Spark Ignition Honeywell S87D1004

  • S__151388192.jpg
    จำหน่ายHoneywell S87B1008 Direct Spark Ignition